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marvin hollie jr.

My name is Marvin  Hollie Jr, owner and founder of Get R.I.T.E. Training and Sports Performance. After high school I attended college at Texas Southern University, where I graduated with a Bachelors in Health and Human Performance.


As a child I’ve always had dreams of playing in the NFL but, as I navigated through life God called me to Personal Training. With the desire to give back to the community, my special skill sets allow me to do so through mentorship and training. I have been training since 2015 and I give a lot of credit to my college speed trainer and mentor Marwin Kline & mentor John Mitchell owner of “Phat Body’s Gym” for inspiring and guiding me along my journey.


I enjoy helping people reach their professional and personal fitness goals from NFL players to youth football players and your everyday men and women that are seeking their best physical and mental health.

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get r.i.t.e training

Youth Development: The development of young athletes is not merely a blueprint for an aspiring elite athlete; it’s an approach to physical activity and development for children and adolescents of all ages and athletic abilities. At Get R.I.T.E. Training, we address youth strength and conditioning, early sport specialization, overtraining, and injury prevention.

General Fitness: General fitness at Get R.I.T.E. Training works towards broad goals of overall health and well-being, rather than narrow goals of sport competition, larger muscles or concerns over appearance. 


Get R.I.T.E. Girls: Marvin utilizes his qualifications in NFL training to help the Get R.I.T.E Girls maintain an aesthetic physique through heavy weight training, cardio, and a clean diet. We deliver customized workouts with advanced training techniques, while being part of their journey on a spiritual level in order to fulfill a their true potential.


NFL Specialty Training: Our Elite Athletes are able to see the results of training manifest itself in to high level performance. The challenge to creating this reality is to understand how to properly strength train, develop skills, have better flexibility and mobility, and proper nutrition in order to perform in the trenches.


Parker is the executive assistant to Marvin Hollie Jr., assisting with everyday tasks and challenges of operating Get R.I.T.E. Training. Having started as a client, Parker grew to love the principles and goals that GRT set and felt compelled to put her passions and talents towards the growth and betterment of the business. She is in the process of writing a book to help walk along journeys with other as she tells her own. Ultimately, she sees herself starting a non-profit organization dedicated to using fitness to cater to mental health.

Executive Assistant


Alexis is a publicist and fitness enthusiast using her skillset to assist Get R.I.T.E. Training with social media management, sponsorships, and all media related needs. She is a graduate of Texas Southern University with a Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations, and holds certifications in Personal Training from NASM and Content Management from Berkeley. Alexis's ultimate goal is to get GRT sponsorships and media attention that'll help the business grow and ensure the growth of each client training with GRT.

Public Relations


We're always looking for new and exciting sponsorship opportunities. Let's connect.


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